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We make the following promises . This is a key element of the differentiation of our business and forms a fundamental part of everything we do. Our promises are designed to ensure clarity and understanding in the relationship between DD&S Drywall & Painting and our customers. We attend to detail to ensure that our customers’ requirements are fulfilled in accordance with the quotation.

We promise:


  •  to be tidy, polite, obliging, helpful, considerate, courteous & well mannered.
  •  to work quickly, efficiently, methodically, productively to high standards.
  •  to use correct trade practice, specification & methods.
  •  to exceed in our workmanship. so you can relax knowing we're in control
  •  to allow the customer to give approval of preparation before painting. 
  •  to be prepared to make suggestions & options if requested.
  •  to provide customers with advice regarding the types of paint & finishes.
  • to cover/ protect garden, concrete paving, decks, furniture, Carpet, Floors etc, 
  • to discuss any trimming of trees, plants etc,
  • there will be no reckless activity on site such as dragging planks or equipment that could mark or damage concrete, brickwork, paving, decking etc.
  • to remove & refit door handles before painting
  • a practical security strategy where doors & windows have to be left open.
  • to inform the customer of our standard hours & any variations.
  • to discuss progress with the customer on a daily basis.
  • to do our best to prevent any dust, Etc.
  • to discuss, areas that may cause temporary inconvenience.
  • to make an effort to fix or remove curtains to & prevent wind paint damage.
  • to make an effort to prevent dust etc. entering inside through windows.
  • to attempt to make all newly painted areas water-tight.
  • to enter your home in clean footwear or remove,
  • to take extreme care inside any home using covers & other protection.
  • to sweep up or vacuum at the end of each day if necessary.
  • to leave various leftover paint used on the job.
  • to put right any faulty workmanship.  
  • to monitor the paint performance with customer approval.
  • to keep in contact & be willing to come back.
  • to exceed in what we do, because we're going to be around long enough for you to recommend us to others.

Our Services Include:


    Residential Drywall                                      

    Commercial Drywall

    Steel Framing

    Acoustical Ceilings

    FRP Board installation

    Interior and Exterior Residential Painting

    Commercial Painting

    Garage floor epoxy & painting

    Power Washing


DD&S Drywall & Painting has precise procedures in preparation, application, and inspection to insure our clients highest satisfaction.